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The court recently celebrated two anniversaries. The house is 100 years old and senior farmer Sepp 80 years old. 3 generations now live on the farm. Our first guests were Danes. You took the bus to Spittal and then the Postbus to Eisentratten. "We picked her up there with a horse-drawn carriage with sacks and bags," recalls Sepp Striedinger senior. exactly to the first vacationers who arrived at the Gasthof Hochalmblick in Vordernöring in 1952. "The house is now 100 years old and has always been a farm. My mother's existence as a farmer was too boring, so she started running the inn," says Sepp sen. further. "At that time, we were still a bit removed from today's comfort: there was only hot water in the corridor for all 4 rooms. But that didn't bother anyone." It was always funny: at church days or masked balls in one's own dance hall or throwing balls, which is still the custom today on Easter Sunday.

In 1984 Sepp jun. and after the wedding with Brigitte in 1990, the two jumped on the "baby hotel train" with a lot of energy and ideas. Since then, they have focused more on quality than quantity. The majority of the products come from our own production and emphasis is placed on the familiar. "The personality that we have to offer is very much appreciated and that is where friendships develop," say the Striedingers. There are shared tractor trips to the alpine hut with snacks and hikes, bike tours, boat and water skiing trips. In winter, the landlord and landlady take you on the ski slopes or the senior takes guests on a game of stalking. "The children like to go to the stable", says Sepp jun. and that's why every young guest gets a "godfather chicken" that delivers a fresh breakfast egg every day.




Mr Huber, his wife Ute and the three children (14, 12 and 11 years old) are here for the 12th time. It is easy to calculate that the youngest there was a baby. The Huber family appreciates the Hochalmblick not only that you can come with babies, but also that the farm grows with you, so to speak, and always offers suitable activities for the children. It starts in the morning with the fetching of the eggs from the "own" hen, continues with the easy-to-do bathing trips and the sporting activities up to the common dinner at the farm. "Half-board is a big plus for the farm," says Mr. Huber, "that makes catering on vacation very easy, especially since the kitchen is excellent."

Sepp and Brigitte have developed with the farm over the years. Relatively simple rooms have been converted into comfortable, well-equipped family rooms and the original baby farm has also become a sports farm. Two jobs were created and what remained is a living and lively farm with guests as friends.

The farm has already been tested by the "vacation testers" of the television channel "puls 4". The testers felt comfortable and were satisfied ...

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